Our Staff Directory

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Management Team

David L. Ray

President and CEO | x5659 | Email David L. Ray

Personal Lines

Robin Didonato

Personal Lines  Manager | x5661 | Email Robin DiDonato

Cindy Amazeen

Personal Accounts Representative | x5675 | Email Cindy Amazeen

Donna Jamros

Personal Accounts Representative | x5671 | Email Donna Jamros

Nicole Hotz

Personal Accounts Representative | x5672 | Email Nicole Hotz

Shannon Yeanacopolis

Personal Accounts Representative | x5674 | Email Shannon Yeanacopolis

Catherine Cobb

Personal Accounts Representative | x5673 | Email Catherine Cobb

Melissa Marino

Personal Accounts Representative | x5670 | Email Melissa Marino

Commercial Lines

Sarah Goyette

Commercial Lines Manager | x5660 | Email Sarah Goyette

Brad Sano

Commercial Accounts Representative | x5662 | Email Brad Sano

Lauren Goldman

Commercial Accounts Representative | x5663 | Email Lauren Goldman

Shaylyn Doody

Commercial Accounts Assistant | x5668 | Email Shaylyn Doody

Life and Disability Insurance

Geoff Mishkin

Life and Disability Insurance | Email Geoff Mishkin


Julie Vasquez

Marketing Assistant | x5665 | Email Julie Vasquez

Alex Ray

New Business Agent | x5664 | Email Alex Ray


Jeanette Cronan

Accounting | x5666 | Email Jeanette Cronan