Purchase Massachusetts Yacht and Boat Insurance With Confidence

Properly insuring a boat or yacht is essential to protecting your investment in the vessel, as well as your personal financial future. Yachting and boating can be thrilling, exhilarating, and unfortunately, dangerous. Yacht and boat accidents can be extremely costly, and it is vital that your policy protects you against even the most serious losses.

When purchasing Massachusetts yacht or boat insurance policies, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The Value of the Vessel: Many yacht and boat insurance policies are written to cover the physical structure of the vessel, the hull and the motor. In many cases, a standard boat or yacht policy will also offer some protection for personal property on the vessel.
  • Injury Liability Protection: Boating accidents can be very serious events that lead to significant injuries for those involved. Standard boat and yacht insurance policies provide protection against the costs of injuries to parties on board your watercraft, or on another vessel if you are at fault for an accident.
  • Navigation Limits: Many boat insurance policies contain navigational limits. This means that accidents or losses that occur outside certain geographic limits may not be covered under the policy. It is important to understand whether or not your boat insurance policy includes navigational limits.
  • Seasonal Layup Options: Due to seasonal changes in the New England area, many Massachusetts yacht and boat insurance policies contain layup periods. This means that coverage is restricted during certain times of the year, typically during the winter months. Understanding the layup period in your policy is important to avoiding an uncovered loss.
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance: Personal watercraft insurance is similar to boat and yacht insurance. Personal watercraft insurance coverage options might vary slightly, as the risks associated with these types of vessels are somewhat different than for larger boats and yachts.
  • Boat Trailer Coverage: The trailer you use to transport your boat or yacht while on land must be covered too. Boat trailer insurance is generally an affordable addition to your standard boat insurance policy. It may prove to be invaluable in the event of an accident while you are transporting your boat.

Our Agents Will Help You Understand Your Options and Limit Your Premiums

Working with one of our independent agents is one of the most effective ways to compare multiple Massachusetts yacht and boat insurance policies at once. Not only will we help you understand your options and coverage needs, but we will also help you explore all of the money saving strategies that are available to you to help you lower your premiums.

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