Affordable Quality Insurance Coverage for Renters and Condo Unit Owners

It’s surprising how affordable renters and condo unit owners insurance coverage can be…and we can shop that coverage with a number of different insurers to find the best fit and value for you!

It pays to package your condo / renters insurance and auto insurance with the same insurer!

Several of our insurance partners are giving noticeable package discounts when these two policies are packaged together. Our Five Star Team will review all of the coverage options with you and make sure that you also obtain every available discount!

Renters, please remember that your landlord isn’t responsible for your belongings, or if you need to find another place to live, or any personal liability you may face if someone is injured in your home. Renters insurance is a very affordable way to cover yourself for a variety of unexpected events.

Condo unit owners have unique coverage needs. Unit owners may be responsible for parts of the interior of their condo unit if there is an unfortunate incident like a fire or leaky plumbing. They can also be assessed for losses incurred by the condo association. In addition to covering your personal property, the Client Service Team at Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency can help you understand and protect a condo unit owner’s unique exposures.

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