Top 10 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent Today

We understand. We know we are the last people you think to call when you make what might seem like a minor change to your life or household. But you could be making a big mistake. You paid off your car: call us! You got a new company car: call us! You’ve hired a full-time maid or childcare worker: call us!

There are so many normal life circumstances that can impact your insurance coverage. Here are the top ten reasons to call your agent:

  1. Changes in home occupancy. We, and your homeowners insurance company, assume you live in the home you own. If you do not, we need to know. Call us if you no longer occupy your insured home; your policy must be rewritten or adjusted to reflect this.
  2. Working from home. Most homeowners insurance policies limit or completely exclude business property and liability coverage, If you work from home or start a home-based business, you might need to make changes to your homeowners policy or purchase a basic business insurance policy. What’s more, working from home can have an impact on your car insurance if the amount you drive every day changes significantly.
  3. Discount eligibility. Many of the changes you might make to living arrangements or drivers in your household may make you eligible for new insurance discounts for your home or car.
  4. Changes in cohabitation. If who lives with you or in your home changes, you might need to make changes to your home insurance policy. Household changes might also impact your auto insurance rates.
  5. Car accidents. If you are in a car accident of any kind, call us right away!
  6. International travel. Contact us to discuss coverage options for your vehicle or rental car if you plan to drive outside of the United States.
  7. New valuable property. If you purchase any new jewelry, furs, guns, silverware, gold, antiques or other high value items, you might need special personal property coverage.
  8. Association living. You might need to make changes to your condo insurance policy if your homeowners association makes changes to its association master policy.
  9. Remodeling and home improvement. Significant remodeling or upgrades to your home will likely require a change in your home insurance dwelling coverage amount.
  10. Purchase of a new home or property. Vacation homes, cabins, rental properties, hunting land and leased property will require insurance. Call us to discuss any new properties or changes to existing properties.

In general, you should call your insurance agent to report any changes to the physical structure of your home, your living arrangements and your finances. Likewise, if you purchase valuable items or a second home or other property, contact us to secure coverage. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and we are always available to answer any questions that you have.

Have you made any of these changes lately? Did you remember to call us?