Prepare Your Home for the Next Big Storm

Winter storms ravager the northern part of the country, tornadoes greatly impact the south central and Midwest, and hurricanes devastate the coastal regions. Storms affect everyone. . The best way to avoid having to do more work in the aftermath of a storm is to prepare your home before it hits.

Keeping trees trimmed and removing dead limbs and sometimes entire trees is the best way to avoid damage to your home caused by strong winds and falling branches. Removing these risks can not only protect your home, but your neighbor’s property as well, and you can avoid the costly insurance claim that would follow should one of your trees fall on their land.

Another important step in preparing your home for an inevitable storm is creating and practicing a family emergency plan. If you stay in your home during the storm, do you have what you need to ride it out? If the home becomes severely damaged during the storm, do you have an evacuation plan? Where should your family stay inside the home during the storm if you do not have a basement? Consider these questions carefully and be sure each member of your household knows how to respond in the event of severe weather. Having a weather radio in the house is a great tool for knowing when and how bad the storm may be.

You can also invest in home improvement projects that can strengthen your home’s ability to weather the next storm. Installing high-wind resistant doors and windows can significantly reduce the amount of damage your home sustains during hurricanes and other severe weather events. Remember, most standard home insurance policies do not cover losses caused by water damage from flooding. Your policy may cover damage caused by the hurricane’s wind, but it most likely comes with a far bigger deductible.

Another way you should prepare for the storm season is to review your current home insurance policy. You can take all of the necessary storm preparation steps and still find yourself needing to file a claim. Our agents can help you through this process. We will identify gaps in your current coverage, suggest better options, and assist you in locating several quotes from other companies with which to compare rates and policies. Contact us to help you find the perfect home insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.