Insurance as Adventurous as Your Yacht or Boat

If you had to list the reasons why you enjoy boating or yachting, you would find no shortage of motives. The wind in your hair; the spray lightly pattering your skin; the serenity of the water; the feeling of exploration; the bonding with friends and family; the fishing; the discovery; the… you get the picture. They say “no man is an island,” but you can certainly momentarily capture that feeling when you’re far from shore and life’s reaching tendrils, rocking gently in your vessel.

With an estimated 90 percent of Americans living within an hour’s drive of navigable waters, boat and yacht ownership has increased exponentially during the past few decades. More and more boats and yachts adorn marinas and docks around the nation than ever before.

As relaxing boating is and as amazing as it makes you feel, things can quickly turn from serene to tragic when boating accidents happen. As more and more people compete for space on our lakes, oceans and waterways, accident statistics indicate what can happen in that congestion. According to the United States Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety, nearly 600 people were killed in boating accidents in 2012 alone and thousands more were severely injured. During that same year, boating accidents caused more than $38 million in property damage.

Whether you own a fishing boat, power boat, pontoon, yacht or any other type of vessel, chances are it was a considerable investment for your household. You want the protection and security only a robust boat or yacht insurance policy can offer to protect that investment and help you make swift repairs so you can hit the water quickly following an accident. You also want to avoid the liability of causing another person injury or property damage while operating your boat or yacht.

When you contact one of our agents, you can be sure your boating pleasures are in good hands. We can find you a number of boat or yacht insurance quotes from a variety of providers, enabling you to purchase a policy with the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact us and spend your next on-the-water outing worry free.