Five Star Agency Designation Highlights Commitment to Excellence

Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency, Inc. is one of an elite group of Massachusetts insurance agencies that have earned the prestigious Five Star Agency Award of Distinction. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) awards the Five Star Agency designation to agencies that display an outstanding commitment to excellence in all areas of their business. These agencies must undergo a rigorous evaluation process in order to receive this honor and become a part of this elite group.

What Does the Five Star Designation Mean to Our clients?

The Five Star designation means that we have demonstrated a consistent commitment to excellence, superior service, knowledge and value in everything that we do. We don’t just talk the talk, so to speak, but we walk the walk.

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents reviews every aspect of our business and our interactions with customers in five key areas including customer focus, management, human resources, products and services, and processes. Not only are these areas evaluated, but we also receive a report detailing where we excel and where we can improve. In order to achieve the Five Star designation, every one of these areas must meet the MAIA’s requirements and we must prove our commitment to continuously meeting and exceeding them. For our clients, this means that as we are challenged to meet these standards, you will receive unmatched quality, expertise and service in all of our interactions with you.

You can be assured that our commitment to excellence does not stop with the Five Star designation. In fact, this award highlights our ongoing efforts to continuously adapt and improve the quality and service we provide to our clients. To maintain the Five Star designation, we must undergo additional and equally thorough reviews every three years in order to prove our continued focus on quality throughout every aspect of our organization—even in the areas that our clients do not see.

Out of 1,800 MAIA members in the state, only 26 have earned the Five Star Award of Distinction. You are in good hands.