Enjoy Local Advice on Your Unique Insurance Needs

Searching for insurance for your car, home or business can be a complicated task. While many insurance providers offer products that probably fit your needs, choosing the best one for you isn’t always easy. Fortunately, having help during your search for insurance can make choosing the best possible insurance policy a much more manageable process.
One of the most effective ways to compare multiple insurance policies is to work with a local, independent agent. At Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency, our agents provide a helpful advice on a wide range of insurance issues, including:

Your specific needs: No two people, families or businesses have the exact same insurance needs. This makes understanding your specific insurance requirements very important. To help you understand your exact needs, our independent agents will conduct a thorough review of your situation and offer advice on policies that offer the protection you deserve.
Available policies: Shopping for insurance online can be a quick way to purchase a policy, but it can be hard to be sure that you’ve chosen the right coverage. We work with a wide range of insurance companies, allowing us to help you compare multiple quotes quickly and easily. By reviewing several quotes, you can be sure that you choose the most effective and affordable policy available.
Unique challenges in the area: Insurance requirements for families and business owners in the Massachusetts North Shore area are different from those in other parts of the country, and even the state. Our agents offer information on the unique challenges associated with insuring a home, car or business in the North Shore area.

If Issues Arise, You’ll Know Where to Find Us

Buying a policy online may be quick and easy, but when issues arise, or you need to file a claim, you may be left wondering who you should turn to for support.

When you purchase a policy through Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency, you will receive prompt and personal attention to your issues, and timely advice eon the claims process in the event of a loss. Our staff is always just a phone call away, and is happy to answer your questions and offer assistance throughout the life of your claim.

Share your Experiences with your North Shore Neighbors

Have you ever purchased a policy online? Have you worked with an independent agent? Share your thoughts on your insurance buying experience by posting in the comments section below.